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Thirty Days of Things: Day Zero

Each night, he wakes in the wee hours. He writhes in his slumber for some minutes and without warning lurches awake, startled upright by ethereal dreams. The amber glow of the gaslamps reflects off a cold sheen of sweat. Unable to sleep, he paces the room until the golden fingers of dawn overtake the lamplight. He tells himself he feels better, that the fear is gone, that his dreams have receded into the coldness of unknowing. And yet, there is a thought he cannot silence– over and over– “I haven’t updated my blog!”

I hereby make a commitement: for the next 30 days, I will post a new article on this blog once per day. The rules are:

The goal is simply to build up a habit of writing for my own benefit. I’d like to think that I have at least one thought every day that would be interesting to look back on later.

I have said the words and the contract is bound. Once the Wayback Machine archives this post– which will presumably be soon– there’s no going back unless I become a liar. I’m not a liar yet.