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Building Tech in the Wilderness

coming soon: an ebook instruction manual for drawing your software map

Has your project ever felt directionless?

You think about it all day at work and can’t wait to get home to start implementing your ideas. But hours later, you find yourself staring at a blank screen, still wondering where to start.

But what if you could spend all that creative time actually creating? What if you had a map that told you exactly where to go, when, and why?

Have you ever gotten lost in the proverbial woods?

You know exactly what features you need for MVP, but there’s so much low-hanging fruit on the way. It would be easy to add a comments section, a review system, a social graph, maybe an API integration or two, or three, or…

All this is getting out of hand. What if you had a map to keep you on track, delivering real value? Where you could mark down easy wins and come back to them later?

Ever run into a problem and thought "damn, how did we miss that?"

Your SaaS just deployed for the first time, and everyone is pumped. It’s not much yet, but you’re ready to get some signups and maybe even customers! But when you go to test it out, you discover that in the mad rush for MVP, you somehow forgot to write a signup form.

So you missed a landmark on the road to victory. What if you had a map to make sure you didn’t?

drawing your own map by thinking like a user

When you start out with the best of intentions, but you end up somewhere unrecognizable, that’s called “getting lost”. But there’s a huge difference between getting lost in the woods and getting lost in a software project. In software, you can make your own map, whenever you want, to get exactly where you need to go. With my ebook, Building Tech in the Wilderness, you’ll learn how to draw maps that will:

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